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Digital Transformation

Experts and visionaries have been speaking about Digital Transformation for almost a decade, however brands have only started to embrace it now – that a global pandemic has made it imperative for businesses to evolve and adapt. At Ensure Services, we see digital transformation as a tool to exponentially improve customer experience and process efficiency – creating a seamless ecosystem that is connected, always on, transparent, sustainable and aims to achieve customer delight at every step.

As a part of our transformational efforts, we had undertaken a series of ambitious projects over the last one year. This blog post touches upon some of the notable ones and how they are beginning to change the way I.T. repairs services are offered across 28 countries. While there is still a long way to go, we are proud of the progress achieved and are excited about the possibilities in-store for years to come.

Even with a vast network of Repair Centers, we understand that bringing in a device for repair is a time-consuming task. To make this process easier and faster for our customers, we introduced Ensure’s Pick-up and Return (PUR) Services.

Ensure’s Pick Up & Return Services

A unique, digitally led initiative that lets the user order a repair service in a couple of clicks. Our automated process and seamless logistics integration take care of the rest. Just visit our website and book a pickup request. Our executives will have the device picked up from your doorstep. On receiving the device, our experts analyze the scope of work and sensitize the customer on the course of action, cost implications & timelines. On approval, the device repair is processed, completed and the repaired device is sent back to your doorstep. It’s that convenient!  Visit to book a pickup request today.

We also understand the importance of transparency in the processes and that took us to the second initiative:

Service Status Tracker

To ensure complete process transparency and to keep customer informed at every step of the repair process, we developed a Six Stage comprehensive status tracker. An automated portal that eliminates the need of manual intervention in keeping the customer updated on the status of their device repairs. Just log-on to the Service tracker, linked to our website, enter the work Order number starting with 000 and get all the details you need, pertaining to the device repair status on your screen. If you still need more details, we are just a call away.

You can track your service status here:

Automated Email & SMS alerts

While the Service status tracker is a convenient tool, we decided to take it one step further and bring the information to our customers, instead of them visiting our website to check for updates. The objective here is to keep the customer informed at every step of the repair proactively. We integrated automated SMS & Email delivery system to our processes that triggers automated emails and SMS updates at each stage of repair. This automated process ensures 100% transparency in timelines and cost implications of the repair. This might look like a small step,but it has contributed to further enhance the customer satisfaction exponentially.

Partner Portal

Ensure enjoys a unique status in the Middle East & Africa region of being the brand-authorized service partners for over 28 brands in the region. This also means that we work not only with the end-customer but also the retailers and tech stores for their in-warranty, out-of-warranty, and DOA cases. While Ensure Services is not connected directly to the end customer in such a case, we understand the need of a constant communication with the retail partners and make sure they are serviced professionally and efficiently.

Traditionally, a retail partner would have to call up to book a new repair request or to check the status of their existing work orders. Partner Portal offers them a single secure platform to track the repair status of their existing work orders and to log-in new orders, eliminating the need of human intervention, long wait times and multiple phone calls. Results here are also the same, improved efficiency and customer delight.

Extended Warranty Portal for iPhone users in Qatar

Not just repairs, we have made it easier for our customers to avail the value-added services under our Digital transformation initiatives – As the authorized service partners for Apple in Qatar, Value Added Services such as Extended Warranty are offered through Ensure Services. To make it easy & convenient to avail these Value-Added Services, we have developed the Apple Extended Warranty portal on the Ensure Services website. A user simply needs logs in to the portal, enter the IMEI details of the device and activate the extended warranty by registering the device on the portal – a process which would traditionally take over 15 minutes over a customer care call, can now be done in under 5 minutes.

To sum it up, digital transformation is not a one-day or even a year-long exercise, but a mindset that leverages technology to ensure the best human experience. And when it comes to Ensure Services, we will always be on an active pursuit to further strengthen the ecosystem, improve efficiency and bring a smile on our customers’ face.


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