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An electronic device is a complex combination of many components, also known as spare parts, which need to work in sync to achieve reliable and ergonomic outputs. It takes multiple iterations of rigorous experimentation and stringent compliance measures to make the IT, printing, or mobile device safe for the user and the environment, while ensuring minimum downtime and repair requirement. With more than 15 years of experience as Authorized Spare Parts Resellers in parts of Middle East and Africa, we strongly comply with the sale of only genuine & high-quality spare parts. We, at Ensure Services, make sure that the spare parts sold by us are original and genuine in terms of quality & compliance, and procured directly from the vendors. We are Authorized Spare Parts Suppliers for major brands such as Apple, Dell, HP, HPE, Fujitsu, and Lenovo in parts of Middle East and Africa.

It is easy for customers to be lured into dubious deals which seem to be a profitable alternative to procuring spare parts in the market. But the impact of such counterfeits ranges from equipment malfunction to breach of privacy and cyber security. Buying counterfeit parts, whether knowingly or unknowingly, may seem most cost-effective initially, but they lead to failure of other genuine parts in the device, leading to an overall higher cost of maintenance. With digital adoption and increasing need for convenience, it is extremely important to buy only original spare parts to achieve safety and reliability.

Is it a challenging job to differentiate between counterfeit and genuine spare parts?

Yes, it is challenging to differentiate between a fake and an original spare part. As Genuine Spare Parts Resellers, we would like to share our two bits that can help identify a counterfeit spare part from the original.

A few of the global distinguishers of counterfeit spare parts are:

Price: Genuine spare parts are manufactured by original brands, which follow strict compliance guidelines and complete the manufacturing process with required Quality Checks. Therefore, one can be confident of the quality of these products. However, since the manufacturing of genuine parts is a time and resource consuming process, it leads to higher cost of production, and therefore, the customer may find genuine spare parts to be a little more expensive as compared to its counterpart in the local market. Expensive processes, compliance to manufacturing technologies, certifications, and quality control make the manufacturing process of genuine spare part expensive which reflects in its cost.

Warranty: No wholesaler of authorised spare parts or retail shop would offer the guarantee that a counterfeit part would last longer than a short period of time for the price it is purchased. We are HP certified replacement parts reseller for laptop original spare parts and printer spare parts and we have encountered competition from counterfeit parts for years that does not last.

Appearance: The appearance of the part may also differ and give away the fake from the original. Surface defects and traces of adhesive and other substances may still be present on the counterfeit spare part at the time of purchase. The edges may also be cut loosely, and other shabby details may make a counterfeit stand out from a genuine spare part.

Packaging: Packaging of the spare part is also one of the biggest differentiators. One can check from the firmness of the packaging as the original spare parts are well concealed and packed with precision while counterfeit parts may be packed loosely in a haphazard manner. The quality of print on the packaging also gives away the manufacturing authority details; unclear borders or smudged ink is a sure indicator of a counterfeit product. The genuine spare part would also contain all required details of the spare part, including the serial number, product number, manufacturing place, manufacturer’s logo, etc.

Source: It is imperative to buy spare parts from a trusted source – companies like Ensure Services that have been appointed by vendors as the Authorized Parts Resellers, especially appointed to sell original parts. At Ensure Services, we ensure that only genuine spare parts are sold and used in our repair services to drive most long-lasting results. We are authorized to sell spare parts by brands like Acer, Dell, HP, HPE, Lenovo, and Samsung. We have the experience and infrastructure to cater to all your IT needs at best cost to provide better performance.

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