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In our 15+ years of experience as the preferred service partners for customers and vendors alike, we have had many people ask us the benefits of using genuine spare parts. The most asked question by our customers is “Why should I go for a genuine spare part, when a similar looking hardware can do the same job at a comparatively lower price point?”

So, we decided to put this debate to rest once and for all. The spare parts paradox explains why it is cheaper to buy original spare part, although they are more expensive than their counterfeit counterparts. Read On!

Step out in the market or browse online and you will find dozens of brands selling the exact same accessory or spare part with prices varying drastically. While these products may appear to be the same at the face of it, there is a huge difference in the product quality, warranty, and performance.

How does that affect you? In a lot of ways to be honest.

To begin with, the low price of the part is a result of quality compromise and thrifty cost-cutting in terms of quality checks, outdated machinery, and much more. It comes to you through unverified sources and the warranty & exchange procedures are also questionable. Yes, you save some money in the process, but once this spare part is installed in your system, it starts impacting other parts and force them to overwork, in order to compensate for the sub-standard product installed. Over a period, it drastically reduces the performance of the system and results in a reduced productivity for you.

Not just this, other components of the system also stand a high risk of malfunctioning due to the extra stress on them and leads to an additional expense to procure their replacement. The spare itself has a smaller life as compared to the original, resulting in multiple purchases as opposed to a genuine spare that would last much longer and is less prone to faults and failures. Most importantly, did we mention the warranty condition that stand null and void, in case any counterfeit product is used in the device?

Original spare parts are designed specifically for a model, but most of the counterfeit spares are manufactured to cover a wider spectrum of products, not being a perfect fit in most cases. Original spare parts go through the same testing as the products do, which makes them even more durable, dependable, and trustworthy. When you’re handling a high-end electronic item, you need to be sure of the components that you put in your electronics.

At Ensure Services, we urge you to always choose the benefits by preferring original spare parts for all your I.T. products from a reliable vendor. By doing this, you will save yourself from the recurring troubles of using counterfeit spare parts and facing a mountain of problems associated with them.

Ensure Services is the Authorized Parts Reseller for brands like Acer, Dell, HP, HPE, Lenovo, and Samsung. Join us in our endeavors to promote the use of only genuine spare parts sold by trusted vendor partners like us and eradicate the menace of counterfeit parts attempting to pass off as original!