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Customer Profile:

  • Leading MENAT region banking group with over 30,000 employees and 853 branches in 13+ countries.
  • Globally ranked in The Banker's Top 1,000 Banks for 2023, with numerous accolades across the MENAT region.

Use Case:

  • Ensure Services collaborated with Dell for a major project involving the migration of employee devices across UAE, KSA, and Egypt.
  • The ambitious project was completed within an 8-month timeline and included comprehensive end-user support.

Customer Profile:

A leading Banking Group in the MENAT region, operating in over 13 countries, it boasts a workforce of more than 30,000 employees and 853 branches. Globally ranked in The Banker’s list of the World’s Top 1,000 Banks for 2023, the bank holds many accolades across MENAT region.

Use Case:

Ensure Services, in collaboration with Dell, undertook a significant project with the banking enterprise. The project involved migrating all employee devices across the UAE, KSA, and Egypt within an ambitious 8-month timeline, coupled with end-user support.


  1. Migrate employee devices across multiple countries (UAE, KSA, and Egypt) within 8 months.
  2. Minimize disruption to employee work hours during the migration process.
  3. Categorize employees based on roles (Backend, field employees, and VIP users) for efficient migration planning.
  4. Develop a strategy to handle challenges related to diverse company culture and high work pressure.
  5. Ensure employee retention during the lengthy project duration.


To address the unique challenges posed by banking enterprise migration project, Ensure Services implemented a strategic solution:

  • Employee Categorization:

Employees were classified into three distinct buckets: Backend, field employees, and VIP users. The focus was initially on field and VIP users during the early weeks to accommodate their reluctance to surrender devices towards month-end.

  • Branch Categorization and Shift Planning:

Branches were categorized into clusters, and a round-the-clock shift system was implemented. Migration activities occurred during the night, while a separate team provided end-user support during the day. This ensured a smooth migration without affecting daily operations.

  • Vacation Planning and Backfilling:

Employee vacations were strategically planned to coincide with migration schedules. Sufficient backfills were arranged to address any unforeseen challenges with engineering support.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Round-the-Clock Operations:

Dedicated teams worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure the project stayed on track and was delivered on time.


The project is currently in its completion phase, with dedicated teams working diligently to meet the set timelines. The strategic planning, categorization of employees, and round-the-clock operations have instilled confidence among the bank employees, ensuring a successful migration with minimal disruptions to their daily work.

The collaboration between Ensure Services, Dell, and enterprise customer showcases effective teamwork and commitment to project success.