Improving IT Experience in Education

Customer Profile:

  • Prominent educational institution with 14,000+ schools and one million students.
  • Affiliated with the Middle Eastern system of Education and Knowledge. 

Use Case:

  • Ensure Services secured a multi-year contract to manage 150+ schools, overseeing 200,000+ student devices.
  • Responsibilities include comprehensive device lifecycle management, from collection to delivery, and efficient ticket closure through the institution's portal.

Customer Profile:

A prominent educational institution, with a network of more than 14,000 schools and serving over a million students. With a faculty of over 40,000 teachers the institution is affiliated with the educational regulatory body of the UAE government.

Use Case:

Ensure Services has been entrusted with a multi-year contract to manage 150+ schools across the UAE, specifically overseeing the handling of over 200,000 student devices. The scope of the project encompasses the management of the ticketing system through the said institutions portal. This includes the entire lifecycle of device management, from collection and repair to delivery, with constant updates on the portal to efficiently close tickets.


Manage the ticketing system through a portal. Handle the collection, repair, and delivery of over 200,000 student devices across 186 schools.

Overcome geographical challenges posed by schools located in remote areas. Efficiently repair devices, including those in extensively damaged conditions, within the stipulated SLA.

Maintain overall operational efficiency and meet the SLA of 5 business days, accounting for the collection and delivery processes.

To address the challenges presented by the educational enterprise’s unique requirements, Ensure Services implemented a strategic approach.

- Geographical Segmentation:

Schools were clustered, and a dedicated team was assigned to visit these locations on alternate days. For schools requiring sea transport, a weekly schedule was established, ensuring adherence to pickup SLAs.

- Specialized Repair Teams:

Ensure Services divided its teams into three specialized groups:

- The first team focused on easy repairs.

- The second team, comprised of expert engineers, tackled fully damaged cases.

- The third team concentrated solely on quality checks.

- Buffer Planning:

A planning team was instituted to maintain an adequate buffer, facilitating prompt repairs upon device receipt. This approach helped meet the strict SLAs set by Enterprise.

With this tailored solution, Ensure Services successfully managed Educational institution’s complex service delivery for over years.

The strategic planning, specialized teams, and efficient processes resulted in a strong partnership, positioning Ensure Services as the said partner’s preferred service provider.

The collaboration ensured seamless device management across diverse locations, meeting both geographical and operational challenges.