Managed Services

Infrastructure Managed Services for enterprises, providing comprehensive and customized solutions for maintaining, enhancing, modernizing, and managing compute, storage, desktop, service desk, and network infrastructure through long-term, multi-year or annuity contracts. Our services encompass traditional deployment methods and models, as well as managed services for cloud infrastructure and platform services.

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Enterprise Network Managed Services ​

Managed Services for Enterprise Networks offer a range of solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The managed service contracts cover the runtime management of WAN, LAN, or other corporate network equipment, both wired and wireless.

Our Managed Services offering includes the provisioning, configuration, and management of physical appliances or software instances, whether enterprise-owned or rented as part of the service. We also provide managed workplace services, delivering day-to-day management responsibility for client devices, including desktop and mobility, as well as end-user compute services for hardware and software support. In addition, we offer traditional WAN managed services, including MPLS, internet, and Ethernet WAN services, and SD-WAN managed services, providing provisioning, configuration, and runtime management for enterprise WANs using SD-WAN solutions.

Managed Workplace Services

Managed Workplace Services offer day-to-day responsibility for operating and managing client devices, including desktop and mobility. Our IT services include product deployment, technical support, and professional services as they specifically relate to the ongoing operation and management of client devices, including personnel resources, tools, assets, and other associated requirements.

We also offer End-User Compute Services, delivering management, technical, and field support services related to end-user devices, including hardware, supporting software, and network infrastructure. Furthermore, we offer Managed Mobility Services (MMSs) that provide IT and business process services required to plan, procure, provision, activate, manage, and support mobile devices, and related mobile management systems. Our MMSs include sourcing and logistics management, managed unified endpoint management, security management, and program management.

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Service Desk Managed Services

Service Desk Managed Services offer centralized information and support management services to our clients’ internal or external queries and operational problems related to IT processes, policies, systems, and usage. Our managed services include multilevel support, problem categorization and logging, problem tracking and escalation, and problem resolution, as well as problem management.

Custom-made multiyear contracts in which we take accountability for some or all contacts in the client’s service desk operations. Services are charged on a volume basis related to either call volume or number of end users or number of devices being supported by us. Our service desk outsourcing services provide help desk personnel, hardware, software and delivery facilities, along with automation tools required to perform the function. Our service desk services are cross-functional in nature and span multiple IT operations towers, right from infrastructure (data centers, networks, and end-user devices) to packaged software.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offers an on-demand, cloud-based desktop experience to its clients. With our DaaS solution, users can access their virtualized desktops from any location and device, providing flexibility and mobility to their work environment. We take care of the entire provisioning, patching, and maintenance of the management plane and resources required to host workloads, freeing up our clients’ IT resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Our DaaS solution is highly scalable, secure, and reliable, ensuring that our clients’ data and applications are always available and protected. At Ensure Services, we strive to deliver a seamless and efficient desktop experience to our clients while also reducing their overall IT costs.

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