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Data Recovery

Imagine, it is your significant other’s birthday, and you plan on surprising him/her with a beautiful montage of pics from his/her birth till date. You plug in your hard drive and start browsing through images, but none of the images seem to open. You try to use the hard drive on a different PC but to no avail. You realize that the data in the hard drive is corrupt and is no longer accessible.

Now picture another scenario – You have two storage devices attached to your PC and you accidently format the one containing important office files.

We all face situations like these where we are unintentionally and, much to our frustration, end up losing precious data.

What is Data Loss?

Data, here, refers to the files you save in your storage devices such as Hard Drives, Pen Drives, Memory Cards, Optical Drives, and Servers. Files can be anything ranging from contact books to databases, pictures & videos to documents.

Data loss can happen due to multiple reasons such as accidental deletions, power failures, device malfunction, malware attacks, or physical damage to device. In the case of accidental deletion, it is easier to retrieve the data, but in situations such as device malfunction, damage to storage device or malicious attacks, you will need expert help, and this is where we step in.

Ensure Services is one of the largest I.T. Service Delivery networks in the world and houses one of the most capable Data Recovery teams in the Middle East and Africa region.

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving the data from a storage device including Hard Drives, Memory Cards, and Flash Drives, across devices like Smartphones, Personal Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Servers, and NAS/SAN storage networks. The process of data recovery is different for each device type and depends on the data encoding, data storage process, and the operating system it is to be recovered from.

Some of the Operating Systems allow users to create & manage backups, either on cloud or on external storage devices, which can be used to recover the data. This is a simpler process and end users can do it themselves. However complex processes, including restoration of corrupt or accidently deleted data, recovery from outdated storage devices, or recovering data from a damaged device requires expert intervention.

Data Recovery by Ensure Services

At Ensure Services, we understand the importance of data and the vital nature of making it available when it is needed the most. Our Data Recovery services help consumers recover their valuable data from a wide range of devices and data storage media including Laptops, USBs, Hard Drives, Cameras, Smartphones, Servers, Memory Cards, Flash Disks, Hard Disks, SSDs, RAID Servers, NAS, SAN, and so on – whether it is logical or physical recovery and for any operating system including Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Sun Solaris, and other UNIX based Operating Systems.

Can it be said for sure that the data can be recovered?

Data Recovery probability can only be assessed by an expert with the help of diagnostics tools. At Ensure Services, we diagnose your device free of cost and only charge the customer if the data recovery process is possible under our No Recovery, No Fee Commitment. After the media is evaluated and data is recovered, we will send you a file listing, technical report, and quote for the recovery. If you decide to proceed with the recovery, we will transfer your data onto a new hard drive, flash drive, or any other media of your choice, and it over to you safely and securely.

Ensure services offers Data Recovery as a service to end consumers, enterprise clients, and major clients across the government sector, aviation sector, oil & gas sector, and education sector. Our robust processes and state-of-the-art infrastructure supported by extensively trained engineers ensure that we provide the best possible data recovery solution. All you have to do is bring your storage device to one of our Service Centres or simply book a pickup request and we will get it picked from your home or place of work.


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